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[ 08/21/06 on Mon @ 09:11 P]
110 Skandar Keynes icons (aka Edmund Pevensie)


Everything is here: rocketassembly
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[ 07/18/06 on Tue @ 01:05 A]
15 Orlando Bloom of LOTR
15 William Moseley of Chronicles of Narnia
15 Robert Pattinson of HP GOF
15 Josh Hartnett
15 Jude Law


All available at rocketassembly! ♥

I suppose it's only right I post first in my own community X3 ♥
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Oh, Narnia! [ 07/14/06 on Fri @ 01:43 A]
Oh, Narnia! is a shared graphics community, meaning that anyone is free to post graphics, image resources, icontest communites relating to The Chronicles of Narnia and/or its actors (ie. narnia_100, moseley_hush).

When posting graphics please keep our layout in mind. One of my biggest pet peeves is having graphics throw the layout out of whack. So please put larger graphics, and icons greater then three behind a cut or simply link to them.

If you have any questions pertaining the community, posting, rules, et cetera, feel free to ask via comment on this post.

♥ Admin
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